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Poem inspired by Maxette

This name, rare, evokes light and subtle fragrance
Found only on these distant islands,
A name full of poetry, you are born with.
Your bursts of laughter, your vibrating sound, light up our ordinary
With all the specific Caribbean gaiety
And this inherent heat you radiate
To the delight of your friends who gather
Around you for an always successful party.
This joie de vivre that you offer as a gift
Remain deep in my memories
And will overcome all obstacles
I meet on my way to the future.

Sylvie Pons Stockholm,
27th April 2005
Sylvie Pons is an author, poet and diplomat
(Translation Malte Olsson)

  • Caribbean Yoga Laughter
  • Kreolsk mat
    Creole food
  • Möhippa
    Bachelorette party
  • Meditation
When you are overwhelmed with negativities the soul is hurling after breath, otherwise it's stuffed. To give the soul life, some have a psychiatrist, a priest, a reverend, a psychologist or a good friend to talk to and if you feel blessed, God is speaking to you through yourself. But you do not get anything free and the price is to listen.
Maxette Olsson


Now is in the joy of life, that joy that hasn't any contrary.
Chantal Ficaja and Maxette Olsson

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