The "Black Gotha" (Elite of France)" confirmed that God is Black... also

Maxette Maxette Olsson, Christine Kelly and Gigie Vadeleux
Photo: Malte Olsson

It all started with a tender missive from the Creole from Martinique, Da Doudou´s daughter, the President of Circle Mediterranean Caribbean from Saint-Pierre in Martinique, Marie-Reine de Jaham who is the main organizer of Creole Festivals on all the Cote d'Azur which she creolised at her ease. Marie-Reine and I share the divine faith and the passion to be Creole. She offered me to introduce me in the first "Who is Who?" of black people in France, which is the book “Gotha Noir de France, Black Gotha of France" created by the dentist Nkamgueu Elie, founder and President of the Club Efficiency since 2008 for which she wrote the preface: "My Creolity: Opening, an ardent obligation" where she points out: "... This culture which is rooted in the five continents is my birth and my essence. "
Maxette Lise-Marie Ranner-Luxin, Malte Olsson and Euzhan Palcy
Photo: Maxette Olsson

Gotha means all the personalities of the aristocracy, politics, culture, science, sports etc... considered in terms of their notoriety. Yes, but ... The Gotha ... BLACK? The inhabitants of "Gwadakéra” the Island which doesn´t exist where is living the heroine Damida of my forthcoming book "God is Creole", didn´t see God black at all, but on the other side, I had never in my life put the word Gotha with the color black. God is black, yes! But Gotha black? Not at all. What a debate! And before you remind me that God has no color, don´t read my leaps! Read my book!

Maxette Maxette Olsson, Josiane Boulangé, Jocelyne Paulmin and Gigie Vadeleux
Photo: Malte Olsson

The objective of this black elites book: "Fight Prejudice by example." adding "The copyright of the book fund the" Excellence Award encourages and supports disadvantaged young people who face difficulties to find their place in society.

Intention is the engine which is driving the will. Knowledges is enriching, is the creole proverb.

Maxette Firmine Richard and Maxette Olsson
Photo: Malte Olsson

This 20 of november 2010, is historical. The first Gala of Gotha Noir de France makes his entrance through a forum in the afternoon at Sciences Politics in Paris, 27 rue Saint Guillaume on the theme "Diversity and Performance", Crossroads France - USA organized 4 workshops:
- Diversity in higher education
- Diversity in the Media
- Diversity in Business
- Diversity in Politics

Mi fwé an tout jan! which means in french creole : Information in all subjects.

Then came the gala´s dinner in the salon of the Aveyron in Paris-Bercy. Former Minister Jacques Toubon and publisher Jacques-Marie Laffont in good places, President Elie Mkamgueu open the Charity Gala by recalling the ambitions of the club Efficiency and Gotha Black. Listen carefully!

"The Efficiency Club, the synergy of skills aims to give greater visibility to men and women of French diversity. “To live better together”, is the motto of the black Gotha."

My inner dialogue says: As we are living together under the same skies, let us improve our quality of life.

The Gotha is continuing:

Maxette Firmine Richard and Maxette Olsson
Photo: Malte Olsson

"We want to highlight the successes of the French Afro-Caribbean, create a network of elite of the diversity, encourage young people to take networks of schools of excellence, promote inclusion in the enterprises, encourage our youth to entrepreneurship, promoting young talents and the economy´s dynamism ...

Visualizing is a display on our inner screen of what we want to achieve! It is a so long time that I declaim that God is Black despite the doubt and the chock of people around me (I live in Sweden) and here and now He-God or She-God answer me through this beautiful Afro-Creole people full of elegance and courtesy.

The awards ceremony is hosted by the strong Fatou Dioma host of the show "White Nights".

Maxette Stephanie James and Maxette Olsson
Photo: Malte Olsson

I am myself excellently Creole in a fire of efficiency which means the action in non-action. Always full of gratitude for being born Negress which rhymes in french with braid, finesse, tenderness, joy, nobility, goddess ..., I though I was in the empire in the company of black Gods and Goddesses like the first black Caribbean female director produced by MGM, "A Dry White Season" and the only woman filmmaker who directed Marlon Brando, I name of course Euzhan Palcy who recently received the Trophy Awards of African-Caribbean Arts. She was literally shining of class. Firmine Richard the mega star, partner of Daniel Auteuil in Roméo and Juliette and one of the main role in "Eight Women" by Francois Ozon was in all her splendor of sophisticated simplicity . The producer and director of “"F COMME FEMME”, “W AS WOMAN " Stephanie James, her authority always in a spiritual sweetness expressed her joy to participate in this explosion of this heterogeneous energy. Gisèle Bourquin, godmother of diversity, President of “Les Femmes de l´au-delà”, "Women of Beyond the Sea" was happily beaming with her husband.
Maxette Gisèle Bourquin and Maxette Olsson
Photo: Malte Olsson

The Paris MP George Pau-Langevin has been acclaimed for her strong speech about diversity. Monique Raikovic neither Caribbean nor African, nor black, a french woman, creole writer of "Mama Mondesir" was thrilled. Cameroonian Richard Nouni Pole Technologies CEO and executive committee member of CAM was very charming at our table.
Maxette Tha painter Francis M’Bella, Josiane Boulangé, Jocelyne Paulmin and Maxette Olsson
Photo: Malte Olsson

The very generous painter Francis Mbella had emptied his art studio at the benefit of the Black Gotha scholarship. Maxette Jocelyne Paulmin, Josiane Boulangé, the President of "Club Efficience" Élie Nkamgueu and Maxette Olsson
Photo: Malte Olsson

The exquisite Gigie Vadeleux from Martinique, queen of Paris, editor of Human Resources at the French minister of Education was delighted at the table of her girlfriend Christine Kelly: the famous Guadeloupean TV personality, member of the audiovisual board, a flower of dignity, her head on her shoulders, followed by her dynamic secretary Isabelle. Jean-Paul Djoumessi from Cameroon of CEO of SGS & Courses Agency and founder of the Elite Club, felt safe with us. Chantal Mona with Denis Hab leaders of Citeduc association were indeed present. Maxette Maxette Olsson and Prince Kestamg
Photo: Malte Olsson

Prince Kestamg, an african composer from the royal family Bandjoun in Cameroon, presented his melodious “Album”. The happy Josiane Boulangé designer from Paris who had dressed me head to toe and Jocelyne Paulmin creator of "Line Douce" directly from Noumea, both women from Martinique were wearing their own creations. Valerie Noupeu President of the Association "Perles Banka", the Cameroonian whose profession is celebrating women each year on March 8 at the Salon Hoche want everybody to know about it. Maxette Maxette Olsson and Rahmatou Keïta
Photo: Malte Olsson

Rahmatou Keïta, filmmaker and journalist wrapped in silk was in her dream. Her film “Al´leessi” is selected for the Cannes film festival. Maxette Maxette Olsson and Lise-Marie Ranner-Luxin
Photo: Malte Olsson

All this beautiful, diverse and cosmopolitan world was cleverly orchestrated by the sparkling black pearl, the Martiniquese, Lise-Marie Ranner-Luxin one of the writers of biographies and organizer of the evening. She literally was radiated of competence, smiles and creole good manners. Ah! Her husband is Creole-Austrian. Yes! All Creole! All that to make you know that all Afro-Caribbeans in France and everywhere had come and all of them were in the firmament.

Maxette Monique Raikovic and Maxette Olsson
Photo: Malte Olsson

The dessert was poetic with the voice of the beautiful and graceful soprano whose motto is "Singing is praying twice." I mean of course Fabrice Di Falco. The laughter came at the sight of “Negresse de France”, the hilarious comedienne Adele Souria both of them from Martinique.
Maxette Adèle Souria and Maxette Olsson
Photo: Malte Olsson

The Book of Gotha noir de France is edited by Jacques-Marie Laffont and insists on "Black contribution to the cultural and scientific heritage". He describes the integration of diversity within the company, the major challenge for the XXII century by Anna Jump. Maxette Maxette Olsson and Richard NOUNI
Photo: Malte Olsson

The President of the Academy of Sciences of Overseas, Edmond Jouve praised the triad initiator of the Creole´s movement, the writer described as the genius revolutionary, the Gabriel Garcia Marquez of Martinique, my mentor Raphael Confiant who fills us with "The Golden Jar" his latest book, Jean Barnabé, master of the "Litany for the fundamental Negro" and Patrick Chamoiseau, the "Solibo the wonderful" to "Texaco". Historian Gnammankou Dieudonne, a specialist in African Diaspora in Europe presents Aimee Cesaire, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gaston Monnerville. Of course, a special tribute to the 44 th President of the United States, the titan Barack Obama, and the names of all black inventors, is closing the book “Gotha Noir de France” which brings together 200 biographies of black elites who have succeeded in their profession and insists on "the contribution of blacks to the cultural and scientific heritage"

Maxette Fabrice Di Falco and Gisèle Bourquin
Photo: Malte Olsson

We are now in the era of the celebration!

I didn´t obviously name everybody, just to let you explore the richness of those biographies. Know more about the lawyer-journalist, Martinique co-founder and co-chairman of “All Creole " Gerard Dorwling-Carter my spiritual mentor. Meet the artist from Guadeloupe Roberto Rico, the writer Marie Ndiaye Prix Goncourt in 2009, actress Aissa Maiga from Senegal, the CEO of Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux, the Guadeloupeen Jean-Claude Bassien, the elegant Olivier Laouchez CEO TRACE, the dancer Ayissi Iman, the banker who was managing partner at Rothschild, Lionel Zinsou, the member of parliament of French Guyana Christine Delannon-Tauber, the theater director Jean-Pierre Sturm, the soul of RFO (French TV) Luc Laventure, the formerly President of the Olympic Marseille Mababe Diouf, the ex tennis-man and now singer Yannick Noah, etc.. This Bible of the people cream-coffee, milk, vanilla and chocolate will perfume you on everything you need to know about The black elite of France.

Maxette Maxette and Malte Olsson
Photo: Josiane Boulangé

Let´s repeat! Efficiency Club aims to create a network of interactive skills, talents and geniuses at all levels as he organizes dinners, debates, forums, national and international conferences. Stay tuned!

For my part, since according to the Creole proverb, "It's not stupidity that colored me in black," I always knew that "God was Black" because ... without the Black, we would not need Light. Yes! We are enlightened!

Maxette Olsson

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