The Black Madonna - video

Photo: Malte Olsson

"... Here is Maxette Olsson, just after the true" mission ", she performed on the parishioners' behalf. She came with her friend, the world famous German-Swedish artist Dagmar Glemme which adorned the chapel with wall painting "The Black Madonna", the chapel has now become: "The Church of Resurrection", blessed with the help of Monseigneur Sainte-Marie. A true pilgrim's journey, a cultural and artistic adventure. There were many moments of joy to see the chapel which was a building without life, not yet consecrated, transformed and embellished ... Very beautiful cards of the paintings. ... "
Meetaw November 25, 2007, the first newspaper "online" in the Caribbean.

Film about the Black Madonna creation

Martinique in December 2004 - January 2005

The Black Madonna. Dagmar Glemme, painting in the church in Martinique (YouTube)
The black Madonna and several other murals. We follow Dagmar Glemmes work from start to finished church with some clips of worship.