Mom Maxette

When the sun's rays shine, you make me see. When the sun's rays reach me then I shine like you.
When the sun's rays give me warmth then it is your love I can feel.
When the sun is not shining then you are at rest.

Where you go, there I go next, I never want to leave you.
Even though I cannot feel, I remember, see and hear.
Your laughter is copied, pasted and can never be deleted.
Through a shop window in Kiruna you came with polar lights, dressed in white as snow and shone with your light on me. I will never forget, you will always be there, because wherever I go you go with me.

Over the years, we have laughed, danced, traveled and experienced life together.
You and Malte you are my family and the friends you have given me are like siblings and cousins.
You are love, and everything I ever wanted.
You were adventure, joy and the master of laughter.
Milley Maxette became your granddaughter who makes your name live on.
Let us close our eyes, feel the heat, start meditating. Give a moment of reflection, a memory with you, our sun goddess.
Mom Maxette. I love you.

/Kimberley Ahlström, 2020-11-25 (free translation Malte Olsson)