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Nous ne sommes pas des amis pour seulement nous accepter tels que nous sommes, mais pour grandir ensemble.
Maxette Olsson
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The greatest gift I can receive from a friend is a presence, I mean a little moment without mobile phone, without Iphone without Ipad, no computer, no stress, in a word appreciation of the present moment together. A real respectful communication that even Steve Jobs would recommend. It's rare, precious and old fashioned but that's what I offer.
Maxette Olsson

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Våra skillnader ger oss glädje och styrka.

Magazine mensuel à gros tirage: NÄRA Numéro 2, 2019 (4 pages) Titre de l´article: Nos différences nous donnent de la joie et de la force. Helena Berggren

Large-Scale Monthly Magazine: NÄRA nr 2, 2019 (4 pages) Title of the article: Our differences give us joy and strength. Helena Berggren

Månadstidningen: NÄRA Nummer 2, 2019
Titel på artikeln: Våra skillnader ger oss glädje och styrka. Helena Berggren (4 sidor)