You or the gift of laughter...

Can we laugh at everything? Maxette would have replied in a loud, resounding... YES!

Maxette and laughter, one did not go without the other and vice versa! What an ability to make fun of what she heard in order to reproduce it in spontaneous, sonorous, frank, massive, and meaningful laughter. What joie de vivre she deployed and conveyed in her moments of hilarious ecstasy; life became simple, all you had to do was jump on the train and let yourself embark on the wacky imagination of laughter... Maxette never laughed at...she liked to laugh and make people laugh for the sake of gaiety, for the good humor it engendered and sometimes in her exuberance it was a howl. Hilarity that literally exploded, leaving one more than just, stunned.

It was that communicative youthful good humor that we envied. For her, paradoxically, laughing was a serious act. Hilarity with purpose.

Maxette, your laughter echoes within us, nothing will extinguish it; only the sorrow of your loss turns our laughter into tears.

Jean-Paul Pouron
Stockholm 26 October 2020
Translation from french to english by Haide and Nozar Mossadeghi